CPD on a Friday afternoon……thanks Kath!!!!

The best way to start a bank holiday weekend in South Molton is with a little bit of CPD (Continual Personal Development). Somehow the sewing tea and cake has now changed to boring IT and stale cake !! I think My bosses hatred of computers in general has now been handed over to me…So my scissors this week have become rusty along with my needles and pins….Our regular Blog will fill you in on all goings on at KK Design from new products, materials, inspirational ideas to cake of the week !

The Long Game

15167656_745726615578243_7297030850861722785_oThere’s a little tale about this fabric…. I bought it just after KK Design opened, (nearly three years ago now), with a plan to make a ‘display’ curtain to go on the back door here in the shop because it’s quite chilly. Well, what better time to start while waiting for a customers fabric to arrive. I’m fairly confident that I can fit it in in time, before it arrives. Besides, if not, then I’ll just shelve it (but let’s hope it’s not for another three years!).

Online Shop

kathI love sewing. I do not love sitting at a computer. But… that is exactly what I’ve been doing for a while now, and it’s all in a good cause. I’m launching an online shop, to showcase all the fabrics, craft kits, ribbon, homeware and other stuff that I have in my physical shop.

There are a lot of products to get photographed and uploaded, and this is taking a while, but the end is in sight!

Here’s looking forward to launch day.