New Visitors to KK

What’s happening here in KK Design ……. Well we have had a seasonal Sale with lots of Cushions, Ribbons, Fabrics. (there are still a few things left). We are making Cushions with some gorgeous new fabrics that will be for sale in the shop.

We have a new addition to upstairs in the name of ‘Chester’ he is a gorgeous single drop down chesterfield, he is currently buttoned but we think he would look very handsome unbuttoned in gorgeous fabric. He is waiting for someone to fall in love with him and give him a new lease of life.

We have also had another visitor to the shop of the feline variety. She’s very pretty with a sparkly pink collar and likes to come and have a good nose around. Think the blackbirds outside in the tree might have something to do with her frequent visits !!!!!!!

Haven’t blogged for a while as we have been busy busy busy …The sun has been shining, people are deciding to recover deckchairs and outdoor furniture and we have some great new fabric books with funky canvases in….Come and check them out !!!

Cake of the week has to be The Scone…..Devon Cream teas at their best….cream bottom or top though that’s the question !!!!!!!!!!


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